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History of the development of seperation of Church and State in America

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The story of Roger Williams, who founded the state of Rhode Island and the Baptist movement in America. Roger Williams founded the state of Rhode Island and the Baptist movement in America. Here is his monumental story of establishing a governmental body to provide genuine "freedom of religion and soul liberty." Participating scholars include Edwin S. Gaustad, Professor Emeritus at the University of California Riverside; Derek H. Davis, Director of Church State Studies at Baylor University; Keith Francis, Chair of the History Dept. at Pacific Union College; and J. Stanley Lemons, Professor of History at Rhode Island College. Director: Walter B Pontynen Starring: Derek H Davis, Keith Francis, Edwin S Gausted, J Stanley Lemons

Born in England while Puritans were persecuted, Williams hopped aboard a ship to America in an attempt to find a place where freedom of religion was a guaranteed right. Unable to find a home free of religious persecution, he founded his own colony, now known as Rhode Island, one of the first places ever to establish absolute freedom of religion with no ifs or buts.

Presented: Jan 08, 2023
Presenter: Ben Kramlich

Think of this EG White quote as it relates to gentiles and those of us in spiritual slavery, unable to be free from control systems of thought:

"The colored people are taught that they must not think or judge for themselves, but that their ministers must be permitted to judge for them. Because of this, the divine plan of salvation has been covered up with a mass of human rubbish and falsehood. The Scripture has been perverted, and the people have been perverted, and the people have been so instructed as to be easily seduced by evil spirits. Mind as well as body has been long abused. The whole system of slavery was originated by Satan, who delights in tyrannizing over human beings. Though he has been successful in degrading and corrupting the black race, many are possessed of decided ability, and if they were blessed with opportunities, they would show more intelligence than do many of their more favored brethren among the white people. Thousands may now be uplifted, and may become agents by which to help those of their own race. There are many who feel the necessity of becoming elevated..." (SWk, 60.3)

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Presented: Jun 26, 2022
Presenter: Ben Kramlich