Adventist History

The principles of religous liberty as Advanced by Adventists

Presenter: Ben Kramlich
Presentations: 2

Ben shares an important aspect of history associated with the 1888 general conference session in Minneapolis that until recently has been overlooked. Was more preached at the 1888 conference than just the most precious message of the covenants and a correct understanding of the law and the gospel in Galatians? What was going on in the country leading up to and immediately after this conference as it relates to the US Constitution? Does the true message of righteousness by the Faith of Jesus have the power that it does without the message of liberty of conscience?

Presented: May 03, 2024
Presenter: Ben Kramlich

Who was A.T Jones and what was his life like before making his heroic stands before congressional hearings in the late 1880s and 1890s as a sentinel against attempts to subvert the principles of republicanism and repudiate the principles of the U.S Constitution?

Why does this matter for us? And what did he understand that few do today about the origin of civil liberties? What would happen if there is no religious liberty? Can civil liberties exist?

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Presented: May 19, 2024
Presenter: Ben Kramlich